Hi, I'm Brailynne :)

23 years young. Reader, writer, bookseller, nerdfighter, artist, novice runner, hopeless science geek, green tea enthusiast.

I have a Bachelor's Degree in Molecular Biology and Microbiology and spend a lot of time doing geeky science-y things in the laboratory.

This blog is where I post book reviews, mostly on books I love, which means mostly all books. My favorite genres are contemporary and science fiction.

Blog Features

brailynnebooks is devoted to honest book reviews of all genres, particularly current Young Adult and Contemporary novels.

One main goal of this site is to provide advisory content warnings with regard to profanity, violence, sensuality, and drugs/alcohol. These can be extremely useful for readers looking for something clean either for personal benefit or for younger individuals; however, it is difficult to discern this content from a book cover or even from most other reviews.
Review Policies: 

Authors and Publishers
, if you are interested in submitting a book for review, please contact me via email with a brief description of your product:


Currently accepted forms for review include eBooksAudiobooks, and Paperback ARC's.

Reviews are cross-posted to Goodreads and will be posted elsewhere (Amazon, B&N, etc.) upon request. Acceptance of an ARC will be noted in the review; however, it in no way influences the review.

Thank you for your interest.

Happy Reading and DFTBA!

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